AB Marching Band September 2018 Chaperones / Volunteers


AB Music Band Fall Season: Tuesday rehearsals, Football games and Parades – something for everyone!

Come help the Band have a SUPER season!

Click here to Chaperone/Volunteer!

Descriptions of all Volunteer roles can be found here.

Please note, every chaperone or volunteer must have an active approved CORI. It is easy to complete your CORI – simply visit any of the school offices in the district with your drivers license or government ID, and complete the form. It can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days for the CORI to be confirmed, and until then, you will not be able to volunteer in a role interacting with the students, so please act quickly.

Additionally, please sign up using your legal name or the name you used for the CORI. We check against our Master list and the CORI list, and this will help us complete the check quicker.

Thank you so much for your help!

Questions? Contact Marybeth Quaadgras (jpqued@nullyahoo.com), or Sumana Bhat (sumana_bhat007@nullyahoo.com).