Spring Car Wash – Saturday, June 15th

Car Wash

Spring Orchestra, Band & Chorus Car Wash
Parent Volunteers Needed!
Dear Parent Volunteers,
The annual  Spring Orchestra, Band & Chorus Car Wash fundraiser takes place this Saturday, June 15th and we REALLY NEED your help. This fund raiser is a critical event ensuring we can continue to support the student music department at the level we do! BAND HAS A TRIP THIS YEAR AND THESE FUNDS WILL HELP!!
Parents supervise the students (enjoy a coffee & donuts!)
– the students wash the cars & have a blast!
The work is split into several overlapping shifts so we can avoid under staffing during shift changes. Select your preferred shift or come and work for 3 hours at your choice!

Please contribute whatever time you can, by clicking on the link below:

Orchestra, Band, Colorguard, and Chorus students will sign up for shifts at school via the sign up sheets in the Music rooms. Participation is mandatory for them – 
please ensure that they sign up!
Thank you so much for your help!
Steve Feinstein, Josh Spero & Flemming Christensen)
ABFOM Car Wash Coordinators