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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the music program at ABRHS. If you have additional questions which you would like to see posted here, please contact us and tell us! Thanks.

Table of Contents

  1. Questions about email
  2. Questions about student accounts
  3. Questions about fundraisers
  4. Questions about the band
  5. Questions about the chorus

Questions about email

How do I get on the list to receive ABFOM emails?

To receive music department emails, please send an email with the subject line “subscribe” to:

For those involved currently with the AB music programs, in the body of the message, enter your name, whether you are a parent or student, the name of the student (if not you), the student’s grade, and if student is participating in Band, Color Guard or Chorus. You can enter multiple addresses in the body of the same email – please indicate who each address belongs to. With this information we will put you on the appropriate list that will keep you updated with latest ABFOM news.

If you are a music department graduate, graduated music parent, or other friend of the music programs, please let us know that, along with your name and your email address.  We will put you on a list that receives less frequent communication.

How do I unsubscribe from ABFOM emails?

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the SafeUnsubscribe link at the bottom of any ABFOM email that you receive.  Understand that we will not be able to add you back to our lists unless you update your status with Constant Contact directly.  Alternatively, you can be removed from our lists with the option of being re-added easily by contacting us at

How do I re-subscribe to ABFOM emails?

If you have previously unsubscribed and would like to receive our emails again, email for directions on reinstating your email address.

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Questions about student accounts

What are student accounts?

All ABRHS students in band, chorus, and color guard have a financial account set up in their name. Money raised from their individual fundraising efforts is credited to their account. A list of the current balances of the accounts is frequently posted in the band and chorus rooms by the FOM treasurer.

The account may be spent on items directly related to the ABRHS Music Department program (with clothing items ordered by school or FOM representatives), such as the following:

The account may not be used for the following:

The student account could be debited to pay for missing fundraising materials and to pay fines for uniforms violations.

What happens to money that is left in a student's account when he or she graduates?

When students graduate from ABRHS, any remaining balances in their student accounts are set aside for the following year's scholarships and the Friends of Music general fund. Graduating seniors are not entitled to receive any balances remaining in their accounts. Families are permitted to shift balances from a graduating senior to a younger sibling already enrolled in the ABRHS Music program.

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Questions about fundraisers

What fundraisers are available?

Every year there are a variety of fundraising options. The following list includes some of the fundraisers that occur every year:

Car Wash

On at least one weekend, music students will work at the High School washing cars. Dates will be announced.

Pie Sale

Music students sell orders for pies and other desserts before the Thanksgiving holiday. These desserts will be delivered before Thanksgiving.

Is it mandatory to participate in the fundraisers?

No. But it is highly encouraged. The funds from the fundraisers go into student accounts to pay for trips and other things.

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Questions about the band

What are the different instrumental groups?

Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. All students signed up for Band are automatically enrolled in both Marching Band and Concert Band. Tryouts are required for Jazz Band. Tryouts occur in the fall. 

Which events are band students expected to participate in?

Band students are expected to be at ALL band functions: camp, football games (both home and away games), all parades, competitions, car washes, Thanksgiving Day game, Super Bowl football game if AB makes the playoffs and all band concerts. There may be some events in the spring that the concert band will be expected to participate in. In some cases there will two or more events on one weekend, and your student is expected to be at all of them.

Where and when should students arrive?

The students meet at the high school band room for all of their events. The band director announces the meeting time and posts it on the white board in the front of the band room. It is the band student's responsibility to be there on time with all his or her equipment and uniform pieces.

Should students arrive at school with their uniforms already on?

All students need to have a garment bag in which to keep all the pieces of their uniform.  Students should bring the garment bag to school for each performance. Most kids wear boxer shorts and a WHITE t-shirt under their band uniform in cooler weather and layers of long underwear in colder weather. The kids often wear their black shoes and black socks and uniform pants and a white t-shirt on the bus and then put on their jackets, hats and gloves on the bus. They should have extra black socks and extra white gloves in their garment bags!

Do students really need to wear black socks?

YES! As they march along you really do notice the kids who are not wearing black socks! They should have several pair of black socks.

When and where do they get band shoes and gloves?

During band camp each student is fitted for a uniform. At that time, students can order band shoes, gloves, a garment bag and concert shirts. More details about band uniforms
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Questions about the chorus 

1) What are the different choral groups?

La Cappella: All women in grades 9 & 10. Focus is on building the fundamentals of singing at the HS level. Large ensemble, advanced women’s choral repertoire, 3-4 vocal parts. 2.5 credit class. (Size 95-100 singers)

Chamber Choir: Men & Women grades 10-12, by audition. This is an SATB chamber ensemble for students who are vocally and musically ready for smaller chamber choral repertoire, and who also demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment during rehearsals. Students in this group must have sung in the AB choral program for at least one year (exceptions will be made for incoming students accepted into Madrigals). 2.5 credit class. (Size 50-56 singers)

Concert Choir: Men grades 9-12 & Women grades 10-12, (grade 10 women by audition only). This unauditioned SATB ensemble sings select choral music for a large ensemble with focus on vocal training, rehearsal technique, and music reading. 2.5 credit class. (Size 90-95 singers)

Madrigal Singers: Men & Women grades 9-12, by audition in late May. This small chamber ensemble sings repertoire that is unaccompanied, and singers must demonstrate a highly developed vocal ability & maturity. 5 credit class, many outside performances. Students must also sing in Chamber Choir and/or play in Band. (Size 22-23 singers)

In addition, there are several student-directed, after school a cappella groups - Tryouts for these groups occur in the spring. These groups set their own practice schedule.

Downbeat (All Female) - Mondays after school

AB Masti (Mixed; Indian music) - Mondays after school

13 Fish Named Jennifer (Mixed) - Tuesdays after school

Disney’s Echo (Mixed; Disney music) - Tuesdays after school

Freshbeat (Freshman only) - Thursdays after school

Cascade (Mixed): Thursdays after school

Testostertones (All Male) – Fridays after school

2) What is the uniform for the Chorus?

For women, the uniform consists of a long black, short-sleeved gown. For men, the uniform consists of a black tuxedo including a white shirt and a black bow tie. Both men and women must wear black dress shoes - no sneakers!

3) How do I get the uniform?

Uniforms will be distributed early in the school year before the first concert.

4) How much will I need to pay for my Chorus uniform?

Uniforms may be purchased or rented. If these costs present a financial hardship, please have a parent contact Ms. Moss in writing as soon as possible. Please see Ms. Moss’ web site for more information about concert dress.

5) Do I need to provide any other portions of the uniform myself?

Yes. Shoes and socks

6) Contact Info:

Ms. Moss:

Moss Music News:



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