Uniform Care

Band Uniform; Important Information you need to know!

Band Camp:

  • Bring your garment bags to Band Camp by Friday – no uniform goes home without one.
  • Friday is Picture Day – bring in band shoes, black socks, and white t-shirts. Long hair needs to be tied back.
  • Upperclassmen need to try on their marching shoes and their concert shirt during band camp week. If either no longer fits, let the fitter know during uniform fitting so replacements can be added to the uniform order.

AB Marching Colonials UNIFORMS: What You Need to Know
FAQ for New Band Members

Q: What do I do for Picture Day?
A: Friday, the last day of band camp, is Picture Day. When you come in at 9 AM on Friday, come wearing the right kind of shorts, a white t-shirt, and long black socks. If you have long hair, you will need to have it pulled back in a ponytail with a black or brown hair tie. Bring clothes to change into after pictures.
You will pick up your garment bag in the uniform fitting room, and your hat in the corridor outside the band room. Change into your uniform and head up to the field with your instrument and wearing your regular street shoes.
At the field, an ABFOM volunteer will put a plume on your hat. DO NOT TOUCH THE PLUME! If your street shoes are not black, take them off for pictures. After pictures, your plume will be collected by an ABFOM volunteer before you leave the field. Again, do not touch the plume. Let the volunteer remove the plume from your hat.
Afterward, take off your uniform and hang it nicely in your garment bag. Remember, YOUR GARMENT BAG GOES HOME WITH YOU AT THE END OF BAND CAMP.
Put your hat back in its box (check the name on the box to make sure it’s yours) and put the box in the Uniform Closet.
If you are not sure what to do, follow the lead of an upperclassman – they know the drill.

Q: What happens with my hat?
A: Your hat never goes home with you. Before each band event, the Drum Majors and other band members set the hat boxes out in the corridor for you pick up. Leave your empty box on the bus for away events and in the band room for home events. (Pit percussion does not wear hats at football games. You do not need to pick yours up for games.)
ABFOM volunteers will put plumes on your hats prior to the event, and will collect them afterward. At football games, the plumes are collected right after the half-time show, before snacks. Remember, no feathers, no food.
While you have your hat, take care of it. If you take it off, set it down right side up, never upside down. Make sure it is in a clean and dry spot. Keep the plume clean – do not let it touch the ground or brush against anything. And again, don’t touch the plume.
Once you return to the school, put the hat into its box and take the box to the Uniform Closet. Do not leave it in the band room for Mr. Arsenault to find.

Q: Do I always need to bring my raincoat?
A: Yes. When you report for a band event, bring your garment bag with jacket, pants, and raincoat. Sousaphones, bring your beret. Everyone, bring your shoes and gloves, and wear the right kind of shorts, long black socks, and a white t-shirt. Long hair needs to be tied back with a black or brown hair tie.

Q: I forgot/lost/misplaced my gloves/shoes/white t-shirt/black socks. What do I do?
A: Everyone has a bad day once in a while. If you forget something, come see us in the Uniform Closet before the event. We have loaners of just about anything you may need. But do try not to make a habit of it – we keep track.
Also, we always have new gloves for sale – most people like to wear new pairs for MICCA.

Q: My uniform is getting tight/short. What do I do?
A: Come visit us in the Uniform Closet before the next event, and we’ll do our best to fit you better.

Q: Oops, I spilled my hot chocolate on my uniform. Now what?
A: It needs to be cleaned, of course. Jackets and pants are dry clean only. Detailed information on cleaning can be found on the Uniforms Part 2 page, and you can always email anyone on the Uniform Committee with questions – we’re happy to help.
In general, you should get your uniform dry cleaned a few times a season, and definitely before MICCA Finals.