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Band Uniforms

Details about Band Uniforms

Helpful Hints

  • Purchase 2 pairs of the style gloves you need and 2 pairs of black socks that you keep in your garment bag all the time. You will have back-to-back performances and parades.
  • If your gloves or socks are in your dirty laundry at home, you will be scrambling if you don’t realize it until you’re getting on the bus. Don’t get caught without your black shoes and socks. Wear them to the school.
  • Keep your band shoes clean to prevent getting mud on your band pants. If you do get them muddy, wait until the mud dries to brush it off.
  • There will be brushes and black polish available in the uniform closet before parades, games and competitions.
  • The gloves shrink. Use bleach occasionally to keep white.
  • Most importantly, get into the habit of keeping ALL parts of your uniform in your garment bag.

For your personal comfort:
Students wear lightweight silky shorts to band camp so that they may be fitted for their uniforms with minimal exposure. Students also wear silky/slippery shorts (even over silky/slippery underwear) throughout the performance calendar so that they may change on the buses and be more comfortable coming back from a performance. Please note: NO LONG PANTS, PAJAMA BOTTOMS or JEANS are to be worn under the uniform.

Check the outdoor supply stores and consider buying yourself a good pair of underarmor or silky/slippery long johns. You can also wear gym shorts as long as they are silky/slippery.

Remember, to wear white under your jacket. Silk glove liners are very warm. Think layers!

Care and Feeding of Uniforms

The jacket, and bib-pants need dry-cleaning from time to time. We receive a special price from Colonial Valet. Currently, the rate is approximately $7.95 for both pieces. Ask for this year’s rate.


If we are marching in the rain or mud, you need to let your uniform dry and then have it cleaned. Do not send the gold bands or black neck liner with the jacket when you take the jacket in to be cleaned. The gold bands and black neck liner remain in your garment bag.

Please do not feed your uniform melted chocolate, bubble gum, hot chocolate at the football games or any other gooey stuff like creosote from leaning against phone poles or asphalt from sitting on parking lots.

Please do not leave dirty, wet gloves or food in your hat box.

If you have an accident with food or other stuff, if part of your uniform self-destructs or you discover that a button fell off during a parade, please let Pam Shields, Jill Shaya or Terri Carotenuto know.

We’ll be glad to help you with the repairs.

Band Uniform 101

“Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about band uniforms.”

Welcome to the ABRHS Band! We’re glad to have you with us this year!!

You will be loaned a complete band uniform (estimated replacement cost = $540.00) for your use this year in your marching band appearances. You are responsible for taking care of it during the year and returning it at the end of the school year.

At August Band Camp, you will be fitted and assigned a band jacket with 2 gold bands and a neck liner, a pair of bib-pants, a rain coat and a hat or a beret (only Sousaphone players). You are responsible for keeping these pieces protected in a garment bag, cleaned as necessary, and reporting any damaged or missing pieces during the school year.

Any uniform questions, please contact the Uniform Committee (contact information on the Who's Who page).

Official Band Uniform

  • Jacket – blue wool formal jacket
  • Gold bands -- two bands worn on the Jacket
  • Neck liner – black neck liner that snaps on Jacket
  • Pants – black bib-pants
  • Hat or Beret:
    • Black hat - hat box stored in band closet. NO FOOD IN BOX.
    • Beret -- blue wool beret (DO NOT DRY-CLEAN)
  • Raincoat -- keep stored in your long garment bag

The Band Uniform is DRY CLEAN ONLY!



You and your parents sign an AGREEMENT accepting responsibility for your uniform.

We do understand that accidents can happen and will make allowances, but ultimately you are responsible for lost, stolen or negligently damaged pieces of your uniform. You will be responsible for the replacement cost of the garment item, mending, cleaning or other repair costs if your negligence caused the damage. You will return your assigned uniform at the end of the year.

You both must sign this agreement.

You are responsible for bringing your complete uniform, in its garment bag, to all performances.

Records will be kept regarding uniform loans.

Uniform Purchases

The following items will be available for purchase during band camp and throughout the year as supplies last:

  1. GARMENT BAG — You MUST keep your uniform in an appropriate garment bag that you may provide from home or buy from us.
  2. BAND SHOES — We will order shoes for you.
  3. WHITE GLOVES — We will order gloves for you.
  4. BLACK SOCKS — 2 pairs (student provides).
  5. WHITE T-SHIRT — student provides.
  6. WHITE TUXEDO SHIRT — We will order for you — used for for Concert Band and/or Chorus members

Policy and Procedures

You have been assigned an ABRHS band uniform. The uniforms are loaned to you in excellent condition. If there are any issues or damages they will be noted when the assignment is made.


  • You are responsible for maintaining your uniform throughout the school year, keeping it clean and safe in a garment bag unless you are wearing it.
  • You are responsible for remembering all pieces of the uniform required for an event.
  • Any student not complying with the mandatory responsibilities may be assessed a $5.00 fine for each incident.
  • At the end of the school year, you MUST return your assigned uniform pieces in excellent condition, in a Dry Cleaners bag with a slip dated after last performance. Students are responsible for damages above normal wear.
  • Uniforms not returned by the due date, will be considered lost and the full replacement cost will be assessed to the student until the uniform is returned or paid for.

Replacement Costs
Hat = $55, Jacket = $200, Gold Bands = $35, Neck Liner = $7.00, Pants = $160, Beret = $7, Raincoat = $85