Questions about the chorus

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1) What are the different choral groups?

La Cappella: All women in grades 9 & 10. Focus is on building the fundamentals of singing at the HS level. Large ensemble, advanced women’s choral repertoire, 3-4 vocal parts. 2.5 credit class. (Size 95-100 singers)

Chamber Choir: Men & Women grades 10-12, by audition. This is an SATB chamber ensemble for students who are vocally and musically ready for smaller chamber choral repertoire, and who also demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment during rehearsals. Students in this group must have sung in the AB choral program for at least one year (exceptions will be made for incoming students accepted into Madrigals). 2.5 credit class. (Size 50-56 singers)

Concert Choir: Men grades 9-12 & Women grades 10-12, (grade 10 women by audition only). This unauditioned SATB ensemble sings select choral music for a large ensemble with focus on vocal training, rehearsal technique, and music reading. 2.5 credit class. (Size 90-95 singers)

Madrigal Singers: Men & Women grades 9-12, by audition in late May. This small chamber ensemble sings repertoire that is unaccompanied, and singers must demonstrate a highly developed vocal ability & maturity. 5 credit class, many outside performances. Students must also sing in Chamber Choir and/or play in Band. (Size 22-23 singers)

In addition, there are several student-directed, after school a cappella groups – Tryouts for these groups occur in the spring. These groups set their own practice schedule.

Downbeat (All Female) – Mondays after school

AB Masti (Mixed; Indian music) – Mondays after school

13 Fish Named Jennifer (Mixed) – Tuesdays after school

Disney’s Echo (Mixed; Disney music) – Tuesdays after school

Freshbeat (Freshman only) – Thursdays after school

Cascade (Mixed): Thursdays after school

Testostertones (All Male) – Fridays after school

2) What is the uniform for the Chorus?

For women, the uniform consists of a long black, short-sleeved gown. For men, the uniform consists of a black tuxedo including a white shirt and a black bow tie. Both men and women must wear black dress shoes – no sneakers!

3) How do I get the uniform?

Uniforms will be distributed early in the school year before the first concert.

4) How much will I need to pay for my Chorus uniform?

Uniforms may be purchased or rented. If these costs present a financial hardship, please have a parent contact Ms. Moss in writing as soon as possible. Please see Ms. Moss’ web site for more information about concert dress.

5) Do I need to provide any other portions of the uniform myself?

Yes. Shoes and socks

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