What are student accounts?

All ABRHS students in band, chorus, color guard and orchestra have a financial account set up in their name. Money raised from their individual fundraising efforts is credited to their account. A list of the current balances of the accounts is frequently posted in the band and chorus rooms by the FOM treasurer.

The account may be spent on items directly related to the ABRHS Music Department program (with clothing items ordered by school or FOM representatives), such as the following:

Trip payments
Chorus gown
Tuxedo rental or purchase
Band shoes
Band gloves
Tuxedo shirt
Garment bag
Winter Percussion outfit
Tickets to banquet for student and immediate family
Replacement of damaged/lost uniform items

The account may not be used for the following:

  • Chorus pumps
  • District or All-State fees
  • Drum major camp
  • Tom Hannum camp
  • Cabaret tickets
  • Tunes & Tapas tickets
  • Jazz/Swing night

The student account could be debited to pay for missing fundraising materials and to pay fines for uniforms violations.

What happens to money that is left in a student’s account when he or she graduates?

When students graduate from ABRHS, any remaining balances in their student accounts are set aside for the following year’s scholarships and the Friends of Music general fund. Graduating seniors are not entitled to receive any balances remaining in their accounts. Families are permitted to shift balances from a graduating senior to a younger sibling already enrolled in the ABRHS Music program.