Band Half-time Snack Schedule


It’s football season and that means half-time snacks for the AB Marching Band and Color Guard. The Band and Color Guard members are responsible for bringing the food, and the Friends of Music provides the beverages. We have assigned a game to every section, so that each band member brings snacks for just one game. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING A SNACK FOR THAT GAME!

Friday, Sept. 7Clarinet Family name beginning with B-L & all Baritone & all Mellophone
Friday, Sept. 14Clarinet Family name beginning with M-Z and all Drum Majors
Saturday, Sept. 22Percussion Family name beginning with C-N
Friday, Sept. 28Percussion Family name beginning with R-Y& all Tubas
Friday, Oct. 5Alto Sax Family name beginning with A-K
Saturday, Oct 13Alto Sax Family name beginning with L-Z all Trombone
Friday, Oct. 19all Trumpet and Tenor Sax
Saturday, Oct 20 (MICCA Wakefield) All flute
Sunday, Oct 28 (MICCA Lowell)all Color Guard
Fri/Sat Nov. 2/3 (playoffs TBD) Leftovers
Fri/Sat Nov. 9/10
(playoffs TBD)
Thanksgiving, Nov. 22Leftovers

If your snack day got rained out, you aren’t off the hook.

A schedule will be posted in the band room. We also ask the section leaders to remind their section of their snack duty. It also helps if you put your assigned snack duty on your calendar now.

Please bring a minimum of 2-3 DOZEN individually packaged snacks. This means 24-36 snack items to share. The snacks should be in disposable packaging. Bring the snacks with you to the school when you drop off your student, and leave them on the sidewalk by the band door entrance. We’ll take it from there.

Snack suggestions: cookies, pretzels, donut holes, brownies, Doritos, apples, dessert bars, Rice Krispies bars, grapes, chips, fruit snacks, granola bars, mini-bagels. We do have some nut allergies, so please do not bring snacks which contain nuts. Please remember to bring your snack as assigned below so that there will be enough food for everyone. If a game is cancelled, or you forget your snack week, please bring it to the next game so we don’t run out of snacks at the end of the season.

Questions? Contact Judy Holmes or Nancy Cataldo email: phone: 978 394 6370

Thank you!!