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Questions about the band

What are the different instrumental groups?

Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. All students signed up for Band are automatically enrolled in both Marching Band and Concert Band. Auditions are required for Jazz Band. Auditions occur in the fall.

Which events are band students expected to participate in?

Band students are expected to be at ALL band functions: camp, home football games, parades, competitions, car washes, Thanksgiving Day game, Super Bowl football game if AB makes the playoffs and all band concerts. There may be some events in the spring that the concert band will be expected to participate in. In some cases there will two or more events on one weekend, and your student is expected to be at all of them.

Where and when should students arrive?

The students meet at the high school band room for all of their events. The band director announces the meeting time and posts it on the white board in the front of the band room. It is the band student’s responsibility to be there on time with all his or her equipment and uniform pieces.

Should students arrive at school with their uniforms already on?

All students need to have a garment bag in which to keep all the pieces of their uniform. Students should bring the garment bag to school for each performance. Most kids wear boxer shorts and a WHITE t-shirt under their band uniform in cooler weather and layers of long underwear in colder weather. The kids often wear their black shoes and black socks and uniform pants and a white t-shirt on the bus and then put on their jackets, hats and gloves on the bus. They should have extra black socks and extra white gloves in their garment bags!

Do students really need to wear black socks?

YES! As they march along you really do notice the kids who are not wearing black socks! They should have several pair of black socks.

When and where do they get band shoes and gloves?

During band camp each student is fitted for a uniform and two pairs of gloves. At that time, students can order band shoes. More details about band uniforms