Mattress Fundraiser 2019ABRHS Music Program Mattress Fundraiser Information

Everything parents and students need to know about this exciting fundraising opportunity!


The mattress fundraiser- odd though it may seem- is an exciting opportunity to raise funds for the music program, and a great chance for students to earn money for their student accounts as well! Many schools run this program regularly and bring in $7,000 or more each year, and since AB has not done this for years, we are hoping to see even more.
In addition, and perhaps most importantly, this is a very easy program for our students! Our goal this year is to reduce the overall number of fundraising activities and focus on ones that can have a big impact, but to ensure that goal is successful we need your help!
This document will explain the program to you and your student, detail what you can expect to see, and clarify what would be expected of you and your student should you choose to participate.

What will this event be like?

At 08:00 AM on Sunday, November 3 rd , the mattress fundraising company will show up at the high school and literally create a mattress store inside the cafeteria.  The “store” then opens at 10am and will run to 4pm. They will work with any customers, take orders, and generally handle all logistics. Some of the students will perform at the event to generate a little more excitement, but that’s basically it! At the end of the day, the mattress people will break down the entire store and leave. Mattresses will be delivered to most customers a week later.
We’re also working with the local charity, Household Goods , to coordinate picking up and removing old mattresses for donations to those in need.

What should my student plan to do?

First, have your student add their name to the referral flyer using any graphics program, or print, have them write their name and then scan or take a picture of the form. Also, if you’re having problems with this and would like ABFOM to create an image for you, simply email with your request and student’s name and we’ll make one for you!
  • The graphic version of the flyer is here.
  • A version you can print (full page, 2 flyers) is here.
Next, be certain to have your student post on social media. We recommend a periodic post (once every week or so) until the event. This will ensure maximum exposure. We recommend several options for this, and you can spread these out over time.
  • Post the graphic that you created in the previous step.
  • Post a picture of our lawn signs. We have two options available for you here and here.
  • Post one of our videos. We have three to choose from. One is here, another is here, and the last one is here.
Finally, have them reach out personally to family or friends who may not otherwise see the event. A simple personal email or phone call will work great!

What should I do as a parent?

First, please also be sure to advertise the program in your own social media accounts. Follow a similar schedule to your student, but perhaps stagger it so you and your student are not posting at the same time.
Second, please plan to place a sign on your lawn on the 21 st of October and leave it there until the event on the 3rd of November .
If you do not yet have a lawn sign, you can pick one up in the Chorus Closet at the high school, or email and we can arrange to drop one off at your home.

Why do we have fundraisers?

In addition to giving your student an opportunity to raise money for trips and occasional fees (such as for a new pair of shoes or gloves), the money raised from these fundraisers also goes to support the students in a variety of ways.
Some examples:
  • New costumes for Madrigals
  • Color Guard and Winter Guard costumes and supplies
  • Trucks to bring equipment to and from “away” events for the Marching Band
  • Pizza, drinks, donuts and more! (the kids get hungry!)
  • College scholarships
  • Music lesson scholarships
  • Reducing out of pocket expenses for students for the yearly Band Banquet
  • NARA park post-band-camp party
  • …and so much more!

Students will earn money for their own student account for every mattress sale credited to them.   All they have to do is make sure their name is on the referral flyer when friends or family purchase the mattress.

Other questions?

If you have any questions at all, please email fundraising@nullabfom.organd we’ll be happy to help!