Band Uniform Parent FAQ’s


My student’s marching uniform jacket has a stain. What should I do?

Do not pre-treat or try to clean it yourself. Take it to the dry cleaners as soon as possible and tell them what the stain is. Colonial Valet near Donalan’s has lots of experience with AB Band uniforms!


My student’s uniform is missing a button (or needs some other repair). What should I do?

Your student should contact the Uniform Chairpersons ( and tell them about the problem. The Uniform Committee will make any repairs needed. Do not take the marching uniform to a tailor or alterations person unless specifically instructed to so by the Uniform Chairperson(s).


My student can’t find (pants. shoes, jacket, raincoat, etc.) and it’s report time – now what?

There are loaner shoes, T-shirts, jackets, pants, raincoats, and other uniform parts available at the uniform closet before most marching events. Have your student come early and see the Uniform Committee at the closet, and they’ll help out.


How does a student get new gloves?

The band uniform closet is open before all marching events so students may buy gloves at that time.


My student has outgrown his/her marching shoes. Now what?

Donated marching shoes are available in the Uniform Closet, but there is no guarantee that every size is available. These donated shoes are well-used, but they will likely last one marching season. The Uniform Chair can order new shoes for any student – the price is the current year’s replacement shoe price.


My student says the marching uniform needs to be cleaned. How?

For the jacket, remove the shoulder braids and cords, and remove the snap-in neck liner. Make sure the bib pants pocket is empty, but do not remove the safety pins on the bib straps. Take the jacket and the pants to the dry cleaner of your choice. Colonial Valet has a special price for band uniform cleaning if you choose to use them.

For the raincoat, it can be machine washed on gentle cycle. Once washed, turn the jacket inside-out and line dry. It may take up to three days for the jacket to dry.